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Hello, I would like to ask for the bot flag for the Dinybot robot. It is a classical global automatic interwiki robot which operates at all Wikiquotes. Demonstrative editations are available. Also specification in English is available. Simple specifiation follows:

  • Bot Operator: User:Martin Kozák
  • Aim of the Bot: Periodical automated completing and keeping of the interwiki links of all projects.
  • Language used: The Python
  • Script used: Python Wikipedia Robot Framework
  • Already used on:
    1. Czech Wikipedia for automated typographic corrections, code cleanups and redirects replacing, (Lightweight MediaWiki Robot Framework, since 2006-05-11)
    2. Czech Wikiquote for typographic correction, code cleanups and redirects replacing, (Lightweight MediaWiki Robot Framework, since November 2006)
    3. Wikiversity projects for completing and keeping the interwiki links. (Python Wikipedia Robot Framework, since March 2007, in pending)

Thanks for Your complaisance.

--Martin Kozák 15:59, 28 март 2007 (UTC)


  • За = It seems the bot is O.K. - I agree (Vote for it)

--Antonio 12:23, 29 март 2007 (UTC)

  Dinybot received a bot flag.Борислав 16:30, 1 юни 2007 (UTC)


Hello, I am operator of a bot, DragonBot, and would like to have the bot flag. Here are some details about the bot, feel free to ask any questions!

  • Operator: Chtit draco
  • Purpose: Adding interwiki links.
  • Script used : pywikipedia
  • Already has the bot flag on : fr,de,en,pl,sl
  • I have run the bot for foolproofing, you can see its edits here!

Thanks! Chtit draco 15:53, 20 май 2007 (UTC)

За / SupportРедактиране

  1. Борислав 16:43, 1 юни 2007 (UTC)

  DragonBot received a bot flag.Борислав 19:08, 14 юни 2007 (UTC)