Разлика между версии на „Потребител:WikimediaNotifier/notifications“

:<small>Now it is possible to reach all wiki communities easily and entirely, not just those active users that regularly visit our Meta wiki or read the [[meta:Wikizine|Wikizine]] for example.</small>
To have a common access point, the messages are updated at '''[[{{NS:User}}:WikimediaNotifier/notifications]]''' ''[mirrored, any changes to this page will be overwritten; <u>use a separate page for translation</u>]''; you can include this page as a template wherever you want! Consider creating a dedicated page for this, liketo e.g.provide [[{{NS:Project}}:Globala announcements]]description in your language ''(maybe withalso translatedtranslate the content)'', where you could provide a description in your language, or just include it into your village pump page.<!--also keep track by using the web feed-->
* At [[{{NS:User}}:WikimediaNotifier/template]] you can change the appearance of the message boxes!